Colorful and Dynamic Abstracted Landscapes


It felt good to be back teaching at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. Last year my workshop was cancelled due to the pandemic and I hadn’t signed up to teach this year because of the uncertainty with Covid. As cases began falling earlier this summer, Sitka’s Program Manager, Tamara, reached out to see if I would be interested in teaching a workshop in September. I jumped at the opportunity. As the workshop date approached, I watched as Covid cases once again surged. I was a little nervous about teaching, but Sitka had worked hard to provide a safe place with lots of protocols already in place. A couple weeks before my workshop, I asked Sitka to cap the class at eight students, to ensure that there would be plenty of space between tables in the studio.

Ready for class to start on Monday morning.

I could write about the week of art-making, the learning, the techniques, the epiphanies, the experimentation, the fearlessness, the laughter, the great energy, the hard work . . . . but instead I’m going to do a photo essay, which I think captures the essence of preparation and our week together.

Howard helping clean up the studio.

The studio all set up and filled with so much promise.

Prepping for demos.

Waking up on Monday morning in my little cabin in the woods.

So good to be back.

A brand new gallon of Gamblin’s Cold Wax and a fresh pair of gloves. Yes, please.

Little scraps of paper as inspiration for colors, design, or just to jump start our imaginations.

Early morning in the studio!

The book of knowledge. haha

Tam brought me flowers to match my hair.

Warm up exercise on Arches Oil Paper.

First day demo.

Doing a demo using plaster (an added bonus).

Plaster demo was an added bonus, sharing how to seal the dried and sanded plaster.

Working, strolling, getting started for the day.

Karla creates beautiful palettes.


Loretta establishing her color palette for the day.

Loretta’s palette. I wonder why I love this so much.

It was a busy, active studio.

Margaret fell in love with this wonky old roller.

Karla at work.

Margaret’s beautiful workspace.

Heidi working fearlessly.

Tam and Louise working through ideas.

The evening glow at the end of a day of painting.

Heidi getting the hang of making beautiful marks.

A vibrant and inspiring palette!

Louise created two dynamic pieces.

Lynn sharing her work.

Tam is a “wicked” painter.

Work in progress by Loretta.

Work in progress by Karla.

Lunch table centerpiece.

Paintings drying outside in the fresh air.

So many works in progress and the beautiful hum of activity.

Early layers by Loretta. Yum.

One of Karla’s color studies.

Heidi playing with drips.


Work in progress by Lynn.

I love working in the studio after class . . . .

A working studio.

Work in progress by Louise.

Lynn experimenting with drips.

Lynn and Dayna!

Jenn working on Arches Oil Paper.

Tam playing with Transparent Orange glazes. Kapow.

Loretta spreading paint!

Louise scraping off sections of paint.

Getting ready for the day.

Doing a demo on mounting Arches Oil Paper to a cradled birch panel.

Group photo on a beautiful September afternoon.

Thank you to R&F Handmade Paints for donating pigment sticks and allowing everyone to go home with different colors.

Show and tell.

Karla discusses some of her work on our final afternoon.

Margaret discusses some of her completed work.

Lynn discusses her work on our final afternoon.

Nancy does whatever is necessary to get the good shot.

Heidi discusses her work.

Loretta discusses her work.

Tam discusses her work.

Show and tell walkabout.

Some of the work created during the week. . . . .

Art by Louise.

Work by Jenn.

Work by Heidi.

Works in progress by Louise.

Work by Karla.

Work by Margaret.

Section from larger work by Loretta.

Work by Tam.

Work by Lynn.

Work by Heidi.

Work by Louise.

Work by Margaret.

Work by Loretta.

Work by Heidi.

Work in progress by Lynn.

Work by Tam.

Work by Karla.

Work by Jenn.

Work by Lynn.

Work by Margaret.

Work by Tam.

Work by Loretta.

Work by Jenn.

Work by Karla.

Work by Louise.

Ahhhh . . . and they were delicious.

My heart is full and I am feeling grateful.



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