Full of Delightful Mischief: A Grid of 25

I had an idea for a painting I wanted in my show at Guardino Gallery. I envisioned a grid of smaller paintings hung together to create a large 40×40 inch piece of art. I decided the small paintings would be 8×8 inches. But the initial problem was how to hang 25 paintings in a manner that would allow me to work on all 25 at the same time, as if I was actually painting a 40×40-inch piece of art. My studio assistant came to the rescue. He devised a system using Velcro. He attached Velcro to the back of the 25 8×8-inch cradled panels, then matched up the other piece of Velcro to the wall, allowing all of the paintings to hang together, but could easily be removed for me to 1) paint the edges, and 2) work on each piece individually when it became time to resolve each piece as a single painting.

After I secured the 25 panels (thank you Art Department for ordering so many boards for me), they were primed with fluorescent pink and orange acrylic paint by my studio assistant. I decided to start the painting process using acrylic paint to get lots of layers of color and marks. It was such fun to paint across the surface with grand swaths of paint, and occasionally pull the panels off the wall to wrap paint around and onto the edges.

Priming the 25 boards.

Howard measuring and attaching the Velcro.

An ingenious system.

Snapping the last panel into place.

My grid of smaller panels is a reality!

The backs are taped and Velcroed.

Acrylic paints below the works in progress.

A section of painted panels. Can you see where they are nestled close together?

Art quotes were added across the surface of the 25 pieces.

After a few layers of acrylic, I switched to oil paint mixed with cold wax, and began enhancing and adding more layers, words, and marks.

Refining each piece individually.

Layers, layers, and more layers of oil and cold wax.

Making progress. The view from standing on a chair.

Documenting the progress.

Drying across the bathtub on a warm, sunny day.

A stack of completed paintings. I love the edges!

And today the grid was hung at the gallery!

Getting started.

I was Howard’s assistant for a change.

One by one, Howard got all 25 pieces hung.

My art next to three of Nadine Gay’s beautiful sculptures.

It was sure wonderful to hang the show with three red dots!


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