Funky Junkyard Birds: A New Flock

Latest Flock of Funky Junkyard Birds


I recently finished up a batch of my Funky Junkyard Birds, birds made from recycled, upcycled, and found objects. I haven’t made these birds for over a year, maybe longer, so it felt good to get back in the groove. Once I made the new flock, it got me clamoring to make more, so I spent a couple of days cutting out bird body parts and I can’t wait to dig in because I’ve got some great ideas to embellish and  make the next batch a bit more flamboyant.

I thought it might be fun to see some of the materials in my basement studio (where my metal, wood, and plaster work is done). From raw materials to finished art.


A Pile of Tins

Drawers and Drawers and Drawers of Metal Bits

The Bird Leg Store

A Box of Knobs

Possible Bird Parts

Bird Body Components


A sampling of my most recent Funky Junkyard Birds.







Katherine the Great


Transition Time: Hello New Blog

Studio View

I’ve been blogging since October, 2007. Since that time I’ve written 905 posts and shared thousands of photographs. I plan to continue blogging, but I’ve migrated to a new platform and with that change, it means starting fresh with a new blog. My old site has been archived and is still available for reading. I’ve added a link on my sidebar to make it easy to hop over there. From now on, I’ll document my art adventures  right here. I’ll continue to post about the classes I take and teach, the art I make, the shows I’m in, and the goodies I gather when I’m out junking.


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